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Welcome to our newest member, SeeJ
Jul 18, 2014 - 5:56 AM - by Luke
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
As I am sure many of you already suspect, Sythril is indeed underway again.

We as a staff team will not be making you any promises, instead we will just share our progress with you as we move forward and leave the promises at that.

Essentially this is a clean slate for Sythril, Arch, Benz and I have done some talking, we've put together a plan for Sythril and soon we will add some goal dates around those plans.

You may ask why this will be any different then any other time Sythril has picked activity up, the primary difference is there is actually a plan on paper for Sythril this time around and for lack of a better term there has been departmentization.

Arch and Benz will be our developmental leadership, just about anything server related as far as development goes will be handled by the two of them.

I will essentially be a Community Manager/Liaison, I will be handling any community issues, staff selection of course with input from Arch and Benz, and implementation of programs to add some fun rewarding achievements to the community.

Arch, Benz, and I will somewhat be running Sythril like an actual business, anyone that is on the staff team will be expected to act in a very high standard, the bar at Sythril from this point on will be set very high which is what will make us succeed, we are not setting the bar high for just our moderators but we... [Read More]
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A Simple Proposal.
May 19, 2014 - 6:00 AM - by Hero
Hero's Avatar Disclaimer: This is all truly at the discretion of Luke, I just want the community feedback.

As of right now, the state of this site is kind of abysmal. We have a ton of resources, a good amount of loyal members, and absolutely nothing going on. I honestly believe we have moved past the point of a runescape server as a main goal. We don't really need it anymore. We have no reason for it. Those of us who like runscape enough to play it, play 2007scape. I do however believe that we have a common ground where everyone could be a part of this community with their past ties to runescape private servers and their drama's erased.

I propose a simple, yet effective change to this website. We switch from a runescape community, to a gaming community. This as an early idea would at least bring those of us together that share similar interest in games together. We could play games, have a place to congregate and find friends to play those games with and enjoy everyone again without needing developers and extensive time and effort that is so valuable these days.

In the long run, this idea could mean a ton of things. We could eventually build a community again, having new members, playing new games. Of course, with new members comes new opportunities. This could lead us to having things like tournaments, Voice Chat servers (Raidcall, Vent, Teamspeak etc...) as well as in game guilds, clans and other things.

I can't speak for everyone and... [Read More]
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